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We have the hottest designs.

Our specialty is putting your picture, with or without words, on the shirt of your choice. So if you want a special design or picture that you want on a gift item, we can do it.

Email your own picture to us at or bring your picture into the store and we can scan it and print it on a shirt for you.

Fun T-shirts

We have a catalog of many thousands of available T-shirt designs or can produce whatever you can imagine. Check out our list, pick your category and have fun browsing. We have over 600 factory prints available in our store and can produce custom orders while you wait. Or Email us your request, fast processing and shipping are available year-round. We love special occasions and holidays.

We also have a large assortment of colors and sizes available. T-shirt sizes generally run from newborn to 5X. Sheer numbers prohibit us from carrying every size in every color in every shirt style. However, we do carry hundreds of t-shirts and apparal items in the store and will gladly order whatever size and style you would like.

Quality Gildan 50/50 blend t-shirt colors we carry are; White, Ash Grey, Sand, Lilac, Light Purple, Sport Grey, Silver, Gold, Orange, Red, Hunter Green, Carolina Blue, Light Blue, Kelly Green, Navy, Royal, Jade, Maroon, Mint, Olive, Black, Safety Orange, Safety Pink, Safety Green.

We also stock PreformanceWear 100% polyester t-shirts in; White, Sand, Light Blue, Silver, Red, Safety Green, Red Safety Orange.

Please note that branded apparal product colors cannot be changed. They are available in the colors and sizes shown.

One call does it all. The Athlete's Room and Shirt Shack can help save you time from the first phone call through service completion. Shirt Shack provides professional Custom Clothing Services that are individually tailored to meet your requirements. You can place your trust in our reliable services. Shirt Shack can definitely find the right fit for you!


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Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Shirt Shack, we offer multiple state-of-the-art processes to decorate apparel. Which process is best depends on the design you choose and the color of the shirt you are looking for. Here is a little process description and our suggestions, we hope this helps you feel more confident with your selections.

  • Laser Transfer
  • This is the most common and cheapest process. This process uses a special paper and layers of heat-activated transfer ink to print on the standard '50%-cotton/50%-polyester' t-shirt. These transfer's light colors are transparent so the t-shirt color does affect the final result. Dark color fabrics change and even hide the transfer colors. Also, the transfers have a transparent/opaque base layer that the color layers are printed on. The base layer is larger and can be felt and seen around the design's edges.

    With this process, we cannot print bright colors on dark-colored garments. No matter what color we print, it will not show up on a black t-shirt. It's like using a highlighter pen on black paper, it just doesn't show up. Also, transfers can not print white for the same reason, the colors are somewhat transparent. Laser Transfer colors are genuine and beautiful when printed on white t-shirts, and most designs print very well on light value t-shirt colors as noted.

    The best garment colors for Laser Transfer print are on White, Ash Grey, Sand, and Light Blue.

    The Laser Transfer process can print up to an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. (images size 8”x 10.5” max) the size of a standard piece of paper.

    Transfers printed front and back would be counted as 2 transfers.

  • Partial Sublimation
  • The next available process is called Partial Sublimation - this process requires the transfer to be placed on a performance-ware shirt (100% Polyester) the shirts we carry feel like a cotton shirt. This process dye’s the fibers of the material and will not be felt on the garment. Again, these must be placed on light-colored garments. Like the laser transfers, if we try to put the transfer on dark colored shirts it just shows up black.

    The best colors to use are White, Sand, Silver, or Light Blue. These will show all the colors in your design. With the shirt colors of Red, Safety Orange, Safety Green, about the only color that prints well on them is Black.

    Partial Sublimation Transfers can print up to 13”x19” design (image 12.5” x 18” max). Remember, printing front and back count as 2 transfers.

  • Silk Screen
  • We do offer the traditional Silk Screen processing of items. We do not do this in-house but have suppliers for large quantity orders. Ask for a quote, we will handle the details to get your order processed correctly and quickly.

  • Factory Transfers
  • We can also do Factory Transfers if you have a large order or wish to have 100% cotton shirts. This is just like silk-screening but with this process, you can purchase the transfers, then have shirts made as you need them to save you some money. This process is also based on the number of colors in your design just like silk-screened garments. These transfers are good for a year. So what we do is that you pay for the transfers upfront, and then as you need shirts throughout the year you are only buying the shirts you need at that time.

  • Full Dye Sublimation
  • Then we have the top of the Line Full Dye Sublimation – these types of garments are fully sublimated (the design covers 100% of the fabric), and then cut and sewn together giving you the brightest colors, softest feel, and full design coverage. They are also made of 100% polyester. We can produce a wide range of apparel for your corporation, Team wear, or event.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of each process

  • Laser Transfer
  • Pros - cheap, does not peel, crack or fade, can do just 1 garment, Can be personalized.

    Cons - transfer is felt on the garment, best printed on light-colored garments.

  • Partial Sublimation
  • Pros – cannot feel the transfer on the garment, Soft to the touch, vibrant colors, cost-effective, can do just 1 garment, Can be personalized.

    Cons – works best on light-colored garments.

  • Silk Screen
  • Pros – cheap, can be done on all colors of garments.

    Cons – Can feel the transfer on the garment, Susceptible to peeling and cracking, need to be done in larger quantities, Price is based on number of colors, cannot be personalized.

  • Factory Transfers
  • Pros – Can be cheaper and comparable to silk-screen, Can go on all colors of garments.

    Cons - Can feel the transfer on the garment, Susceptible to peeling and cracking, need to be done in larger quantities, Price based on the number of colors, cannot be personalized.

  • Full Dye Sublimation
  • Pros – Vibrant colors, can be personalized, full garment coverage, cannot feel the printing, comfortable wear.

    Cons – initial orders need to be ordered in Quantities, very expensive if only doing 1 item (unless it is a reorder of a previous order).

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